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Jan 28 2016
So, it's official! We the chocoholics of Great Britain are not showing any signs of slowing in our passion to indulge in the sweet brown stuff. The Brits have been voted as one of the top three chocolate loving nations of the world.
Nov 16 2015
Christmas and Winter Themed Table Favours
Oct 12 2015
National Chocolate Week Competition To celebrate national chocolate week we are giving away £50 worth of luxury chocolate filled favour gifts suitable for a wedding, special anniversary, christening or baby shower, milestone birthday, business gift or corporate event, Christmas party celebrations ........... whatever the occasion!
Apr 30 2015
For over 200 years we have all been enjoying the 'Food of the Gods' but scientists have researched some incredible health benefits that chocolate has to offer.
Mar 17 2015
History of Wedding Favours Historically, wedding favours date all the way back to the wealthy European aristocrats who would present their guests with a bombonierre - a small trinket box made of crystal, porcelain and precious stones. These boxes would contain sugar cubes to symbolise wealth and royalty (sugar being a very expensive and precious commodity at the time). Over the centuries this tradition evolved into the offering of five suga
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