A House Made of Chocolate

A House Made of Chocolate

This has to be the fantasy dream house for all true chocoholics. Just an hour from Paris you can actually sleep and stay in an amazing cottage - completely made of chocolate!

Chocolate walls, chocolate roof, even the bookcase, clock and chandelier are all edible ..... made from, yes you guessed it - chocolate! 

Outside there is a delicious white chocolate duck pond and cute little chocolate bunnies in the chocolate flowerbed in the garden.

Unfortunately, this was only a once in a lifetime opportunity as the chocolate accommodation was created as special promotion. The creative building team, artisan chocolatier Jean-Luc Decluzeau and his son, worked over 600 hours (with the air conditioning on!) to build this mouth watering, sweet smelling structure. Covering approximately 18 square meters and with an impressive 1.5 tons of chocolate used, this phenomenal cottage can accommodate up to four people.

The chocolate lovers cottage was carefully built inside a glass house to protect it from the outside elements and also from any potential animals who fancied a midnight snack. A thin coating of varnish was also used to strengthen and prolong the life of this amazing building.

Once the final lucky guests departed the chocolate cottage is to be exhibited in the chocolate museum in Paris.

Who wouldn’t like to live in a house like this!

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