Tonnes of liquid chocolate spills onto motorway

Tonnes of liquid chocolate spills onto motorway


A lorry driver recently crashed and overturned his tanker on the A2 motorway in Poland spilling his precious cargo ...... 12 tonnes of delicious liquid milk chocolate!


Six lanes were badly affected on one of the country's main motorways causing major disruption to traffic in both directionsPrior to the  authorities closing the highway, passing vehicles left chocolate tyre marks for several kilometres down the road.

Although irritating for many motorists, I'm sure the sweet smell of liquid chocolate helped to ease the frustrations of those who were driving down the Milky Chocolate Motorway.

Understandably, many people were distressed over the tragic waste of perfectly good chocolate Tweeting comments such as 'I'm on my way to help - I'll lick it up! and 'A lorry has spilt a ton of liquid chocolate on a motorway in Poland… get me on a plane .. quick!

Luckily the driver of the truck wasn't too badly hurt, just a broken arm and the knowledge that he will be recognised and be given the evil eye by every chocoholic in the country.


Rescue officials said the liquid chocolate was starting to harden as it cooled and required large quantities of hot water from pressurised hot water jets to blast away the solidifying chocolate.

Senior brigadier and fire brigade commander Bogdan Kowalski described the spillage as 'worse than snow' and said it would take several hours to clear.

Rescue workers said it wasn’t all bad. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen so many smiles on the faces of emergency rescue services and police officers at the scene of an accident"


I'm sure that we would all agree this is one of the more light-hearted road traffic accidents.

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